Elementary School Solution

As students first learned to read they had time to practice their oral reading fluency skills. Teachers modeled good oral reading and it was easy to ensure students' practice was effective when they read aloud.

Now that students need to make the transition from learning-to-read to reading-to-learn, how do teachers model silent reading and ensure effective independent practice?

The Reading Plus® system uses 21st century technology to provide a window into students' independent silent reading, allowing teachers to monitor their practice, ability, and progress as never before.

More importantly, Reading Plus® models effective silent reading, creating independent proficient readers ready to meet the demands of upper grades.



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See how the Reading Plus® system picks up where phonics and oral instruction leave off.

“We love Reading Plus! We have started with a group of at-risk students. They love the immediate feedback and already see the results. I am so happy that we can offer these kids something that will impact their success in middle school next year— and likely their life!”

--Vickie Sarcletti
Instructional Coach, Columbine Hills Elementary School, CO